Bell Schedule

Fairfax High School students will follow the FHS Bell Schedule

Fairfax Academy Bell Schedule 2018-19
Blocks Shuttle Riders Fairfax HS Students & Drivers
AM (period 1/2) 8:40am - 9:45am 8:10am - 9:38am
MD (period 5/6) 11:45am - 1:00pm

11:21am - 1:21pm

Double Block Students: 11:51 - 2:55pm

A Lunch: 11:21-11:51

PM (period 7/8) 1:00pm - 2:10pm

1:27pm - 2:55pm

Double Block Students: 1:28-2:55pm

Important Lunch Info:

Non-FHS students who are scheduled for midday academy classes will need to pack a lunch or buy lunch in the FHS cafeteria. Students who are interested in purchasing lunch while at the Academy should talk with the FHS Cafeteria Manager, Wanda Lee. She is willing to assist students who qualify for free and reduced lunch, and will work individually with Academy students who must get through the lunch line quickly in order to get to Academy classes on time. Food and drink are not allowed at computer workstations or keyboards at any time. Students will need to eat at a separate table from their computer workstations/keyboards. All academy teachers are aware that students coming from non-FHS base schools will need time to eat lunch and will accommodate them accordingly. FHS students in midday classes will go to A-lunch before coming to class.