Fashion Careers

CREDIT: Two credits for each level

GRADES: 11 and 12


Students in Fashion Careers 1 will begin to develop technical and presentation skills in the field of fashion design. The program will emphasize the creative process of design concepts, sketching, draping, pattern making and garment construction. These skills will enable the student to design and construct a project from creative conception to completion. Students will learn the business of fashion including fabric technology and apparel-production techniques. Teachers emphasize skills in art, communication, mathematics, science and technology in this course.

Students enrolled in Fashion Careers 2 focus on technical skills that are essential for careers in the fashion industry. Students build on existing skills in the areas of design concepts, sketching, pattern making, and garment construction to develop a fashion portfolio. Following the portfolio, a fashion line is executed from conception to completion. Opportunities for entrepreneurship within the field of fashion design are examined. Students will begin to develop a level of professionalism that is standard in the industry.


  • Fashion Careers 1: Art 1, Fashion Marketing, or Introduction to Interior and Fashion Design. A performance review may be required.
  • Fashion Careers 2: Fashion Careers 1 (828027) or Portfolio Review (examples of student work) and/or a performance review may be required.


  • Brand manager
  • Clothing conservator
  • Dressmaker
  • Fabric designer
  • Fashion illustrator
  • Fashion journalist
  • Merchandiser
  • Pattern maker
  • Stylist

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