Academy Transportation Reminders


Information for students who will be riding a SHUTTLE BUS to/from the Academy: Please note that if a Shuttle Bus is not available for your school, you must provide your own Transportation.  

AM block (8:40 – 9:45 am) Shuttle buses are available from a limited number of schools.

MD block (11:45 – 1:00 pm) Shuttles are available from most schools.

PM block (1:00 – 2:10 pm) Shuttles are available from some schools.

Shuttle schedules will be handed out at Orientation, and posted in the Academy Office and all classrooms. Please review the schedule for your school’s specific information. 

You are strongly encouraged to ride a shuttle bus if there is one available for you.

The decision to use shuttle bus transportation must be made at the beginning of the school year. Students are not permitted to ride the bus on some days and drive a car on other days.


  • Be Early!! “Being Early is being On Time; Being On Time is being Late.” Missing class because you missed the shuttle bus is considered an Unexcused absence. Be sure to leave your class 5-10 minutes before the scheduled departure time of your bus. Buses are on a very tight schedule. If a student misses their shuttle that returns them to their base school, the student/parents are responsible for transportation back to the base school. Parents will be called to arrange transportation.

  • Be Patient! The first couple of weeks of school are hectic for everyone, including bus drivers. It may take a week or two before everything runs smoothly. If you are having trouble with your shuttle bus schedule, please notify the Academy Office so we can work with the Transportation Office to resolve the problem. 

  • Check with your School Attendance Office or Counselor at your base school to determine the departure time, waiting area, and the shuttle number for your bus. At Fairfax Academy, all buses arrive at and depart from Door 1.

  • Shuttle drop off/pick up while at the Academy: Students will be dropped off and picked up at Door 1 at Fairfax Academy. After class, several shuttle buses arrive at once, which requires them to line up at the side of the school. Students should exit Door 1 and turn left to walk up to the side of the school to the shuttle buses. Students riding shuttle buses are released 5-10 minutes early so that they can get to their shuttle on time.

  • Altered Schedule: The Academy shuttle bus schedules stay constant and do not change when base schools have altered schedules because of testing, pep rallies, or other specific events. The Academy shuttles are canceled only on a Delayed Opening, an Early Release, or on PSAT testing day.



Students who will drive to Fairfax Academy must apply for an Academy parking tag. Print out and submit the Parking Tag Application  and Agreement to the Academy office during regular school hours. 

  • All required school forms must be turned in before a parking tag will be issued. 

  • If you have a parking tag from your base school, then an Academy tag will be issued free of charge, as long as all forms are completed and turned in.

  • If you do not have a parking tag from your base school, you may purchase a Fairfax Academy parking pass for $67.00 (exact change only, or checks made out to Fairfax High School).

  • Students without available shuttle transportation will be assigned a parking space on a first-come, first serve basis, and may drive immediately. 

  • Students who have a shuttle may not drive until forms are completed and turned in and issued a parking tag.

  • Parking tags will be issued upon receipt of all completed forms.

  • All AM Block Drivers are expected to follow the FHS schedule and be in class by 8:10AM every morning. 

  • In the event a student has to drive to the Academy and they do not have a parking tag, the Academy office can issue a one-day parking pass. The student is responsible for getting the pass from the Academy office when they arrive, displaying it in their vehicle, and parking in the space assigned by the Academy office. Note: This cannot be done on a regular basis and will be monitored; and there is no guarantee a space will be available when you arrive.

To be eligible to drive and park at Fairfax Academy, students must do the following:

  1. Fill out and submit the Academy Transportation Agreement.

  2. Fill out the Parking Tag Application and submit the application with payment (or base school Tag).

  3. Submit a copy of the student’s Driver’s License, which must be current and in good standing.

  4. When it the Academy parking pass is ready: Ms. Tarvid will communicate that information with the student and parent/guardian, and schedule a time to meet the student in the parking lot to give them the parking pass.

    * This Academy parking pass should be placed on the dashboard of the car the student drives to the Academy anytime (and for the full duration) they are parked on grounds. 


  • Registered parking is strictly enforced at Fairfax High School and Fairfax Academy.  The FHS Security Office issues Academy parking tags and handles all parking violations.  If you receive a ticket or are booted, it must be resolved at the FHS Finance Office.

  • Both the FCPS parking tag and the Academy parking tag are uniquely numbered and cannot be transferred to or used by any other student.

  • Academy students must park only in their reserved Fairfax Academy space.

  • If students are in a carpool and the student driver is absent, the other students who ride in that car are still responsible for getting to their Academy class on time. Have a backup system in place!

  • If a student is late or absent when driving OR riding in a car to the Academy, the absence/tardy is not excused, per FCPS policy. Traffic jams, speeding tickets, car trouble, and fender benders all fall into this category. 

If you have any questions or concerns about parking, please contact: