Attendance Information

Attendance reminders

Fairfax Academy Attendance Policy:

Fairfax Academy’s attendance policy follows FCPS guidelines. However, we are considered a separate school, so absences must be reported directly to us. Please do not assume your base school will forward your attendance calls to Academy! Please follow the following guidelines:

  • We must hear from a Parent/Guardian for ALL absences. We will not accept notices directly from students. The Parent/Guardian must notify both the Academy and the base school when students are absent for any reason.
  • Please use our Attendance Line at 703-219-4060 which is available 24/7 to call in an absence, or complete/submit our online attendance form.
  • We do not accept emails to excuse absences. Email notices are discouraged and if received, will be followed up with a phone call to the parent/guardian for confirmation
  • We require students to submit a Pre-Arranged Absence Form for all absences known in advance (appts., field trips, college visits, etc.). This form can be found in our office and classrooms, and on our website.
  • This form is also required when students must attend a base school activity such as AP/SOL testing, assemblies, meetings, or other bell-schedule changes that cause you to miss your Academy class. It is impossible for Academy staff to know and track all the different school schedules

NOTE: Students must complete and return the Pre-Arranged Absence Form at least TWO DAYS IN ADVANCE of the upcoming activity. Forms not filled out correctly may not be accepted.

All students should be aware that the Academy schedule never changes. We remain on the same bell schedule every day of the school year since we have students attending numerous high schools across the county.