Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather

What happens on inclement weather days?  

On a 2-hour delayed opening: 

  • AM and Mid-Day shuttles will not run. Students who drive should remain at their base school. Fairfax HS students follow the FHS bell schedule. 
  • Mid-Day/PM double blocked classes will be in session in the PM block. Shuttle riders should ride the PM shuttle (note: the shuttle number may be different).
  • PM classes will be held as usual. PM shuttles will run as scheduled; please allow extra time for shuttles since inclement weather may cause some delays.

On a 2 hour early closing: 

  • AM classes will be held as scheduled.
  • Mid-Day, MD/PM double block, and PM classes will be cancelled. 
  • You do not need to report absences on days when FCPS delays opening or closes early. If you are absent for any other reason, your parent or guardian must notify the Academy via the attendance line or the online attendance form. 

Fairfax Academy Attendance Line: 703-219-4060



If you have any questions about inclement weather days, please contact: