Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather

Please note: the Academy bell schedule never changes.

Delayed Openings and Early Closings

Students attending the Fairfax High School Academy or FHS students attending other Fairfax County Public school academies should follow the guidelines below when there is a delayed opening or early closing due to inclement weather.  

NOTE: Academy classes will always be conducted at regular times unless all FCPS are closed.

Two-Hour Delayed Opening 

  • A.M. and mid-day block classes:
    • Shuttle buses will not run.
      • Students who regularly drive are asked to remain at their base school. Fairfax High School students will follow the Fairfax High School amended schedule.
  • P.M. block classes:
    • Shuttle buses will run a their regularly scheduled time. Students riding buses should wait an extra 10-15 minutes for their shuttle since inclement weather may cause some delays.
    • If students cannot attend their PM classes, the Academy must be notified by student's parent/guardian.
  • Double-blocked students (MD and PM, odd or even days):
    • Students who are scheduled for a double-blocked class will be expected to attend the PM class block on a delay day. If you cannot attend, the Academy must be notified by student's parent/guardian.
    • Please note that PM shuttle bus numbers are different than the MD shuttle bus numbers.

Two-Hour & Three-Hour EARLY CLOSING

  • All AM classes will be held as scheduled.
  • All MD, PM and double-blocked classes will be canceled.


Fairfax Academy's Inclement Weather Policy (with additional information regarding the Academy)