Career Experiences

Career Experiences

Students have a variety of options for gaining workplace learning and career experience as a part of their Academy education. The following list details some of the opportunities available to Academy students which serve to enhance their learning and preparation for particular career choices and workplace readiness.

Field trips, workshops, job shadowing, interning, industry site visits, resume support and review and interview preparation are all part of the career experiences that we offer. 


  • Students may request assistance in determining career direction through assessments of interest and aptitudes. They may also participate in workshops, class activities and special events to learn and enhance job search, resume preparation, interview, and business etiquette skills. 


  • Based on the career interests students share, the Career Experience Specialist will schedule area industry professionals, collaborating with faculty, to visit Academy classes presenting information about their role, industry information and the job outlook for that industry. 
  • The goal is to educate students about various industries and how to prepare for a particular career.  This is to help and support students with their career decisions, preparation and job search.


  • Shadow opportunities are available throughout the school year when students are offered the opportunity to spend the day with a business representative, receive information about a specific career of interest and get an inside look and overview of the company. 
  • This could either be through a group field trip, or individual shadowing experiences set up by the Career Experience Specialist.


  • Some academies organize annual Career Fairs (in conjunction with base high school). Academy students are invited to participate in the annual event. Fairfax Academy offers an annual career fair for performing and fine arts, and also the Career Experience Expo! 
    • This year, our Career Experience Expo will be on November 9th, 2022. More details coming soon!
  • Students have an opportunity to meet over employers representing federal, state, and local government, as well as private industries. Students looking for part-time employment are encouraged to attend one of the many job fairs offered by schools throughout the county. 
    • This year, our Career Fair will be March 29th, 2023.  More details coming soon.


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