BalletNova Center for Dance visits with our Dance classes to give a Harriet Russell Strong Workshop!

By Kimberly Orr and Meredith Barnes
February 23, 2023

Mrs. Meredith Barnes, Dance Instructor had a real treat today with a visit from BalletNova Center for Dance

Constance Walsh and Elizabeth Spatz from BalletNova Center for Dance came to give a workshop to Mrs. Barnes’ Dance 1, and Dance 2 at Fairfax Academy of Communication and the Arts.  They went over specific choreography points with the students reflecting on the story and strength of Harriet Russell Strong.  Harriet Russell Strong was an important person in the late 1800s who worked, invented, managed and operated multiple projects while raising two daughters and creating beautiful patent work for home window care. 

Students explored story telling using the sections of “Dear Harriet”, a ballet choreographed by Ms. Walsh, using prompts like community, loss, innocence, and doubt. The dancer created a beautiful spin circular flow of ballet steps. There were multiple groups of students doing these steps, so it was like looking at random swirls with a lot of emotion behind the ballet movements. What a beautiful workshop for our dance students!