Returning to School at Fairfax Academy

Welcome to School Year 2021!!

Welcome new and returning students and families. Our school year is scheduled to begin on Monday, August 23, 2021. 

We have created this orientation page to help you get familiar with Fairfax Academy and the return to school process. We want this page to become a place where students, parents, and community partners can get important information as we begin a new school year.


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Bell Schedule for Fairfax Academy

FCPS Parent Technology Help Desk

FCPS Launches New Parent Technology Help Desk, Readies Students and Families for Virtual Learning:

To support families who are working with their children during virtual learning, Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) is launching a new Parent Technology Help Desk, effective today, Monday, August 24. The help desk can be reached at 833-921-3277 (833-921-FCPS) and will be answered by staff members between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m., seven days a week.

Parents or guardians who need help in a language other than English can inform the help desk staff when they call, and an interpreter will join them live on the call.

If help desk staff members are unable to solve the issue, they will request help from the appropriate FCPS team.

FCPS has also set up an online portal to allow older students and parents/guardians to request technology help directly. 

Tips for online learning success can be found on the FCPS website. 

FCPS school-based employees are in the process of distributing approximately 55,000 laptops to students this summer, using strict health procedures to ensure health and safety.

Virtual Orientation  Teachers will conduct a virtual orientation prior to the first day of school for students and families to: •    Build relationships and community. •    Learn how virtual learning will work, including how to log into students’ FCPS accounts to access virtual classroom links, and how to use Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, GoogleMeet, and Schoology. •    Ensure students are prepared for a successful first day of school. Teachers will contact their students directly.  Please direct questions to your child’s school.   Back to School Nights Each school will host a virtual Back to School Night during September or October. Included will be:  •    An overview of curriculum. •    A review of attendance, schedules, procedures, and routines. •    An explanation of grading and assessments.

FCPS Parent Information Phone Lines are available in eight different languages. 


Attendance is important to a student's overall success in school!


Fairfax Academy Attendance Policy:

Fairfax Academy’s attendance policy follows FCPS guidelines. However, we are considered a separate school, so absences must be reported directly to us.  Please do not assume your base school will forward your attendance calls to Academy! 

We must hear from a Parent/Guardian for ALL absences. We will not accept notices directly from students. The Parent/Guardian must notify both the Academy and the base school when students are absent for any reason.

E-Notify Calls go out each evening to the home telephone number to make parents aware of unverified and unexcused absences. 

Please review this page for all attendance information for Fairfax Academy. 

Academy Ambassador Program

Are you a born leader? Do you want to be? 

  • Are you comfortable speaking to people you don't know? Or do you have the desire to become more confident in challenging social and school (professional) situations?

  • Do you like to help others? Do you enjoy helping teachers? Or do you seek opportunities to provide service to your school and community?

  • Do others say that you are a responsible person? Or are you seeking to take on responsibility to earn recognition and build your leadership experiences?

Did you answer many of these questions with a YES? If so, congratulations! You have what it takes to become an Academy Ambassador!

Check out this page to get more information about the program, and find out how YOU can become a part of this amazing Ambassador program!!

Student Driver/Parking Updates.

Note: Our Academy parking fee is $67 for the entire school year, and that fee is waived if you already have purchased a parking tag from your base school. 

View our Transportation page for more information about shuttles and student drivers/parking. 


Academy Administrator, Mrs. Cook

Our Academy Administrator, Mrs. Cook, is available throughout the week to support current and future students and parents with any questions, challenges or concerns regarding classes, schedules, instruction, career pathways, colleges and more. Please email or call Mrs. Cook to schedule a time to meet with her.

Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Cate

Mrs. Cate, the Administrative Assistant for our Academy, handles attendance, transportation, even parking, and school form submissions. She is available from 7:30am-3:30pm at the Academy office (703-219-2226) to speak with parents and students regarding Academy questions

Academy School Counselor, Mrs. Martin

The Fairfax Academy Counselor, Mrs. Martin, will be available throughout the week to support students with any counseling concerns. She is available to answer questions and provide support with registration, Academy course scheduling, and Dual Enrollment. Please don't hesitate to reach out to Mrs. Martin.

Career Experience Specialist, Ms. Molek

Our Career Experience Specialist, Ms. Molek, will be available throughout the week to support students with individual college and career readiness goals, as well supporting Academy classes in various ways.
If you have questions about resumes, interviewing, internships, other work-based learning questions, or the Academy Ambassador program please reach out to Ms. Molek

Academy ESL Support Teacher, Mrs. Chae

The Academy ESOL Support Teacher, Mrs. Chae, works part-time with our Academy and part-time as an ESOL instructor for Fairfax High School. She has experience working as a special education teacher, classroom teacher in K-6 and ESOL teacher in K-12. She provides resources and support for all Academy teachers and specifically works with English Language Learners. She is available on Mondays for office hours and on 'Blue Days' (Odd-period days) for Academy.

Academy Resource Teacher, Mr. Buckley

Our Academy Support Teacher, Mr Buckley, is a resource teacher with a background in special education, History and Music. Mr. Buckley will be available throughout the school week to work with ALL students in any of our Academy classes, but particularly those with special needs. Please send an email and Mr. Buckley will reach back out to you as soon as he can.