Music and Computer Technology

CREDIT: Two credits for each level

GRADES: 11 and 12


MCT students are introduced to the latest technology used by modern composers. Students will create individual & group projects in a variety of musical styles & genres using a combination of MIDI & Digital Audio software. Assignments will include composition, arranging, music theory, use of MIDI & synthesizers, and recording in digital audio.

All enter this class with some instrumental and/or vocal musical training, with some students also having prior music theory training. The classroom is equipped with MIDI/Digital Audio computers, each containing the music notation software, "Sibelius", and the digital audio recording/editing software, "Pro Tools", both standards of the music industry.

Students successfully completing this course will:

  • develop an understanding of compositional practices
  • use the computer to compose using varied instrumentations & electronic media
  • develop a fundamental understanding of the properties of musical sound & how sound is created and used synthetically
  • develop familiarity with music notation software as well as skill in using synthesizers, setting up and composing with MIDI, and using sequences
  • produce a portfolio of compositions, arrangements, and recordings representing a variety of styles and compositional situations


  • Basic music theory
  • Instrumental or vocal performing experience
  • Music reading skills

The study of MCT may lead to these careers:

  • Arranger
  • Composer
  • Entertainer
  • Music arranger
  • Music manager
  • Professional music educator
  • Recording engineer
  • Sound crew technician
  • Sound recorder

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