CAPSTONES: Student Flipgrid Reflections (posted now) & Student Panel Event on May 12th.

This year our upper-level seniors participated in our inaugural Capstone Projects.

These projects are an opportunity for students to demonstrate the skills and talents they have developed during their time here at Fairfax Academy. In addition, they are a platform for students to demonstrate their ability to comprehend (and reflect on) more complex levels of independent critical thinking, and the capacity to authentically make a difference in the community around us. Many students go on to use their Capstone Project as a resource for the college application process, interviews, and resume builders as they reflect the passion they have in their future career fields.

We are proud to announce that our upper-level seniors will be reflecting on their Capstone Project through Flipgrid video reflections (that will be found on the Academy website on May 10th) and via a student panel for the public where 1-2 students from each program will share their Capstone experience and project. This virtual Student Panel will occur on Wednesday, May 12th from 6-7pm.

After perusing the amazing reflection videos from our upper-level seniors (below), we encourage you to submit a question for our student panel via this Google Form.  On the form you may note if your question is for a particular student listed below, or a general question that any student from the panel may field. 

Please note: You may submit more than one question by submitting the form again. 



THIS YEAR'S STUDENT PANEL WILL INCLUDE (*alphabetical by first name*)

  • Alexandra Lin, Professional Photography (level-2)

  • Angelique Melendez-Vargas, Dance (level-4)

  • Chloe Allen, Fashion Careers (level-2)

  • Daniel Mena, Arabic (level-4)

  • Ikraam Mahamed, Professional Photography (level-2)

  • Kate Coffin, Music & Computer Technology (level-2)

  • Kathryn Parr, Musical Theatre Actors Studio (Advance Musical Theatre)

  • Kylie Klimenko, Music & Computer Technology (level-2)

  • Naomi Hamaker, Chinese (AP)