Our spring dance showcase, 'Breaking Barriers' will be livestreamed on Saturday, May 8th at 5pm!!

By Erin Molek, Academy Career Experience Specialist
April 20, 2021

Did you miss your chance to watch Fairfax Academy's End of the Year dance showcase, Breaking Barriers??????

Don't fret!!  We got permission to give you *limited* access to the recording. The link below will be valid until 9pm Sunday May 16th.

THIS LINK will be valid until 9pm Sunday May 16th. In case you didn't get a chance to donate to the program, a link to My School Buck is also available. Just put ACADEMY DANCE in the description. Enjoy and thanks for supporting the arts and Fairfax Academy.


The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a barrier as “something material that blocks or is intended to block passage.” Another definition explains a barrier as “something immaterial that impedes or separates.”  For a barrier to be broken, it must exist and be recognized in the first place—either naturally like a mountain or created by humans and societies.  Throughout history, we have seen barriers in all forms, many that have always been and were recognized for the first time, and many formed by current circumstances, this past year. How did people come up with ways to break, or perhaps more likely hurdle, such barriers? Many artists used the power of dance. 

The entire Academy dance program, led by Meredith Barnes, spent this year learning about dancers and choreographers that broke barriers; whether in the dance community, or in American culture, standing up for justice and equality for all.  

On Saturday, May 8th at 5 p.m., dancers from 13 different FCPS high schools will live stream their dance performances.  These performances are the culmination of a year-long study of dancers and choreographers who broke barriers in the community and American culture. 

‘Breaking Barriers’: Spring dance showcase will be streamed on the Fairfax Academy Academy for Communications and the Arts Youtube Channel.

There is no charge for this event but donations are appreciated, and will benefit the dance program at Fairfax Academy. 

This year, the Academy dance program has had the privilege of having guest artist, Constance Dinapoli, from ‘The Paul Taylor Dance Foundation’.  Ms. Dinapoli taught and set a classic Paul Taylor work with some of our advanced dancers, and 6 original dances will be presented during the spring showcase event including, ‘Cloven Kingdom’, choreographed by Paul Taylor. 

Barnes says, “It has been a difficult year for dancing artists. Our Academy dancers experienced learning and dancing during a full quarantine, learned virtually (and then in-person), had the alphabet dictate who would be in class with whom on particular days, etc.; and that, along with numerous other personal and education barriers, created many challenges for myself and students to handle and overcome.  Despite those challenges, our Academy dancers rose.  We rehearsed in groups and worked hard in hopes that we were able to bring it all together in the end. I am happy to say that the barrier that ‘the screen’ (of virtual dance class) is now shattered.”


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